List of Services

We know that each mom and baby have a unique situation, so review the different services offered below and choose which is best for your situation.

About Insurance Approval

Email or call to let me know you are interested in a lactation consult. I have partnered with Lactation Network to be able to accept insurance coverage for most consultations. I will send you a link to check if your consult will be covered by your insurance. You will have an answer within two hours of submitting the form. If your insurance is approved, you will qualify for at least THREE consults sometimes more! If your insurance does not approve coverage, we can discuss other options at that time.

In Home/Office Consults:

  • Approximately a 60-90 min consultation provided in the privacy of your own home

  • A comprehensive medical & birth history for mother & baby

  • An assessment of both mother and baby, including weighing baby before and after a feeding, and observation and assessment of feeding

  • Written Care Plan formulated, which will email to you after consult and faxed to you and your baby's providers.

  • Check in and follow up support for up to a week after consult

*Additional Travel fee may be necessary for visits over 30 miles*

Virtual Consults:

  • 60 min consultation using a HIPPA compliant platform on computer from the comfort of your home

  • Virtual Consults offer the same comprehensive history's, assessments and written plans just done virtually

Follow up Consults:

  • Follow up assessments can be very important throughout your breastfeeding journey to reach your goals

  • May include following up on weight gain, latch issues, post frenulectomy, introducing bottle or solids, weaning and any issue that arises